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September 27, 2014

The Journal of Process Oriented Psychology

It is with great pleasure that we, Hellene Gronda, Mikolaj Czyz and I, announce the republishing of the Journal of Process Oriented Psychology. It will appear at the following link one issue per month until we get all 9 issues up.
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We are beginning with the issue on Extreme States which has been sold out for a considerable amount of time. We are excited about these works and how they reflect the research of the time. There are many folks who worked hard to publish the original journal and we feel it should be available to all of us. Please check out the short history and credits on the page.

The beginning of the journey for the journal was in an innerwork in which I was knocked out from moving to the States from Switzerland in the early 90’s. I collapsed on the floor and watched myself move out into space. As I went I found myself looking back on the Earth. I thought that little planet needs our help. The journal seemed like a good way to help. I had no idea what I was getting into. Lots of sleepless nights, relationship difficulties and feeling inferior as I tackled production in language instead of movement and theatre production.

I learned a lot. It was only possible because of our amazing team of workers. The dedication that went into the journal was all worth it because the final product turned out pretty well. But the most powerful part was the gift of creating something that we all believe in with other people. This is one of the most special gifts anyone can get. I am grateful and amazed by the experience.

The Future

My overall goal was very close to the vision in my innerwork. Seeing the whole world, the earth down there made me want to include the corners of the Earth. There are articles from people from many places in the world. At that time there were not the amount of schools of Process Work around the world. I would love to see what would happen if we were to continue this project with the amazing work being done in so many places that really does need to be disseminated through out the world. As I travel around I am constantly delighted by what people are studying and writing about.

A regret that I’ve always had is that it was only published in English. I would love to see these issues translated so that they are available. Also as more contemporary work done in English and other languages in the recent past that it be translated into many languages.

When I travel up to the universe again and look back on the Earth I find the hope that we can pick this up again, and take it forward as a larger global community.

I wish you happy reading.

  • Ben Crebert

    Dear Kate, it is so touching to read of your journey and this dreaming that you have honoured and continue to honour. I feel it is such a huge privilege to be given such access to what feel like sacred texts, crafted lovingly by Elders from across the world. As a younger person in this global village, hearing this story and being given access to read these writings now – feels like being given a path to follow. Thank-you dear Kate for sharing this amazing story of connection, creativity and love. Truly a heart-ful legacy to follow. With deep love and gratitude, Ben.

    • KateJobe

      Hi Ben, It’s great to hear the resonance that you feel with this story. You must also have some powerful pull toward the direction in the Journal. There is a new one there today. I hope you enjoy. Kate

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