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Kate Jobe

KatePearlssmallI believe that every person, group and organisation has innate wisdom.

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Individual Work — Counselling and Coaching

Your personal history and the limited experience that you have of who you are creates a loss of contact with this deep intelligence and the guidance it provides. Your special dreaming process reveals itself through your night time dreams, your body experiences, your relationship difficulties and concerns about the world. This dreaming process is a key for following your inner intelligence and healing. The resources are within you it is our work together to find the way to unlock their power.

Over the past 34 years I have worked first with individuals healing from injuries and looking to improve their movement and sense of home in their bodies. My practice has grown to include counselling and coaching of individuals overcoming, crises of meaning, trauma, relationship difficulties and conflicts, creative or life blocks, overcoming addictions, disturbing thought processes, and ongoing personal growth and transformation. At the heart of my work is the co-creative experience of following process.

I am a Process Worker which means I follow the flow of process in those I work with. Together my client and i work closely with the conscious and unconscious signals that guide us to a deeper understand and experience of who they are. A session can be simply talking, or moving, sound and movement, art and story.

SONY DSCI became a Process Worker because of an intuition that the body in movement is a place where our deepest parts and dreaming is accessible in waking life.

I had a dream one night that I was picking up jewels from the depth of a swimming pool and bringing them to the surface. The jewels to me, aside from being precious, are eternal; they transcend lifetimes. In each of us there are jewels waiting to be picked up and brought to the surface. We live these eternal aspects of us that we live not only for ourselves but for a larger purpose.

Following yourselves deeply can also get in the way of your everyday circumstances. For instance my dream to dive into the water to get a jewel may conflict with the situation of being in a classroom learning a language. Our job then is to find a way that both tendencies can work together to enhance and facilitate the everyday circumstance.

It has been an honour and joy to accompany people on the journey to gain access to possibility. To see people approach the undoable and move into the world with a new vigor or to simply truly embrace themselves with all of the joys, flaws and difficulties of being alive. Sometimes transformation is not changing something but finding out its importance in your life.

I am also a passionate and dedicated trainer of Process Workers. Your learning as a student is a deeply personal path.

Other Applications

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Large Group and Social Issues

Performance and Creativity