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The wisdom of groups: unfolding group process

June 1, 2017 - June 4, 2017

There is nothing quite like the thrill of being able to facilitate the process of a group and help it unfold the deeper connection found behind disturbances, differences and conflicts in a field. With its methods for not only making agreements within and between groups Worldwork addresses the human and often emotional aspects of group work. This provides sustainable agreements and deeper understanding of the diversity in our world. Worldwork has been used in business and community groups, with politicians and with social and world issues to help facilitate conflicts and bring awareness to the background tensions that disturb groups. It has also been used to find the future direction and vision of a group and to understand and work with group dynamics. The core concept of Worldwork is that by valuing and listening to the various points of view of roles in a group we create sustainable community and tap wisdom that leads to deep leadership. This is called Deep Democracy.

We have found that awareness of your own deepest self, developed through awareness and working on your own process, is an essential addition to the techniques and tools for facilitating groups. Therefore in this seminar we will focus on not only the basic techniques and tools of group work but we will also explore methods for working from a deep connection in ourselves. We will practice in the large group and in sub groups and we will use innerwork to access the deep resources within us that help facilitate

group life. We will work on:

  • Field theory and the goals and attitudes of group process
  • Working with group structure: sorting, roles, ghost roles, edges, escalation and de-escalation
  • finding and following the secondary process of the group
  • Using second training methods at difficult moments: bringing in the non-linear aspects of personal experience and mysterious knowledge


Kate Jobe, MA, P. O. Dip., RSMT

Kate has been practicing Worldwork since the beginning of the work. She has facilitated community and business groups, worked with the “troubles͟” in Ireland where she worked on trauma caused by violence in Belfast before the peace agreement and with community groups on the border between the North and South. Kate along with her husband Joe Goodbread worked in Sochi with a group of Chernobylers͟ on social issues arising around their participation in cleaning up the damaged reactor. She has also been a core facilitator at the Worldwork seminars conducted by the Global Processwork Institute. Kate co-founded various training programs in Processwork throughout the world. She is currently on the faculty of the Russian program in St. Petersburg and Moscow, the Institute for Processwork in Zürich, Switzerland, International Institute for Processwork in Warsaw, Poland and the Process Work Institute in

Portland, Oregon.


June 1, 2017
June 4, 2017



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