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The Journal of Process Oriented Psychology

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The Journal of Process Oriented Psychology (ISSN 1075-7643) was published by Lao Tse Press between the years of 1989 and 2004. It was the brain child of Amy Mindell and Joe Goodbread who parented the first issues in Zurich, Switzerland.

The journal was created to support and promote the research and learning taking place in the development of Process Work. It began as an informal work that published articles in their unedited form; each issue without a theme. After 1992 articles were peer reviewed by the editorial board and accepted on the basis of relevance to the field, relationship to the issue’s theme, accuracy, academic quality, and space in that particular issue. Later there were guest editors who shaped and guided the theme.

In the first issues Kate Jobe joined Amy and Joe as a type setter using an early layout program which required cutting and pasting in pictures with a knife and scissors to layout each issue. She took the journal on as her Diploma Project filling the role of Editor in Chief. Leslie Heizer joined her as Editor bearing the brunt of the work of fine copy editing. Leslie and Kate offered their expertise in helping people shape articles and bring their ideas forward with fidelity to the process work model.

Along with Leslie and Kate, Joe Goodbread and Julie Diamond formed the stalwart editorial board who persevered in encouraging individuals to write and bring forward their ideas and learning and sometimes shepherding them through the writing process. Stan Tomandl, Kay Ross and Gemma Summers were invaluable as a copy editors with their keen eyes. Countless other friends lent a hand with reading. Caroline Spark supported in her work developing process oriented research, and many others put up with the moods resulting from all-night, even sometimes multiple day, layout sessions. You will see “Ben the Wonder Cat” credited in many of the acknowledgements. He was our black manx cat. When Leslie and Kate were doing the final push to get the next issue out he was there for all of it, sleeping under the desk lamp, walking across the keyboard reminding us about breaks, and purring at just the right moments.

A special thanks for Amy Mindell and Joe Goodbread for their vision in forming the first journal, and to Amy and Arny Mindell for their continuing inspiration and for developing the field and discipline of Process Work.

What is process work? Process-oriented psychology, or process work, developed by Dr. Arnold Mindell and his colleagues, is an innovative and comprehensive psychotherapeutic modality designed for working with the entire spectrum of human consciousness. This dynamic approach to the unity of mind, body, spirit, and world has its roots in Jungian psychology, Taoism, and modern physics. It integrates dreamwork, bodywork, relationship work, meditation, and large group work into a single theoretical framework. This issue focuses on “Extreme States of Consciousness”.