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1994 Volume 6 (1)

Extreme States of Counsiousness

Leslie Heizer and Kate Jobe, Comment PDF

Feature Articles

  1. An Interview with Arny Mindell on Extreme States PDF
  2. Joe Goodbread, Homage to R.D. Laing: a New Politics of Experience PDF
  3. Dawn Menken, Madness as Feminism PDF
  4. Moses Ikiugu, Making Extreme States Meaningful PDF
  5. Janiese Loeken, Being Prozac PDF
  6. Arlene and Jean-Claude Audergon, Looking for Unicorns: Process Work at the Princess Royal Hospital PDF
  7. Guruseva Mason, Hidden Process Work with Adolescents PDF
  8. George Mecouch, Al de Hairs Separate Reality PDF

Special Interest Articles

Editors: Leslie Heizer, Kate Jobe, Manuscript Editor: Leslie Heizer, Design: Kate Jobe, Business Manager: Kay Ross, Editorial Board: Julie Diamond, Joseph Goodbread, Leslie Heizer, Kate Jobe, Amy Mindell, Arny Mindell, Gemma Summers

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