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About the Artists

Paul Levy is an artist and a devoted disciple of dreams. Thirteen years ago he had a spiritual awakening where people were literally healed through him. During the early stages of his experience he was hospitalized and diagnosed as insane. His “insanity” was part of a spiritual initiation process, an experience which would be both honored and supported in many societies. Paul has recently begun to teach about his experiences. He is currently in private practice, assisting people through their own processes of awakening.

About his art

Paul Levy paints out of his unconscious, never knowing what is going to emerge. In one way everything he does is a self portrait. Art allows him to separate from and relate to internal states instead of being unconsciously possessed by them.


Linda Greischel, MSW, is a psychotherapist in private practice in Seattle. She studies Process Work, teaches meditation and has been meditating for twenty years. She loves exploring the similarities and differences among Buddhism, Hindusim and Taoism. Linda is particularly interested in kundalini and paranormal experiences.

About her art

Art has been an essential aspect of my healing journey, amplifying very deep sensations and feelings with each brush stroke on the canvas or molding of the clay. Art has aided me in the descent into darkness, enabling me to move through the nadirs of the nigredo with a deeper embodiment and embracing of these arduous cycles. My art has led me to immersion in the extremes of light and dark and helped me reclaim the full spectrum of the feminine and masculine dimensions. The magical resonance of symbols and hues which swells up in dreams, meditations and therapy is my greatest joy in life and an awesome divine gift.