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August 10, 2014

Editorial: When Words (nearly) Fail Us

Joe Goodbread

Language intrigues us by promising to clarify the obscurely paradoxical world of human experience. Because of its power to explicitly communicate emotions, thoughts, and a broad range of less easily categorized experience, language is the obvious medium for the practice of psychotherapy. Whether we remember Sigmund Freud practicing his “talking cure” in 19th century Vienna, or watch the television mafioso Tony Soprano unburdening his heavy conscience by talking to his psychiatrist, we are reminded not only of the potential of the word to heal us, but of its ultimate inadequacy to completely express the depth and complexity of the human spirit. Read more ›

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August 2, 2014

The Hollow Bone, An Interview with Robert King

7 rob int finalJan Dworkin


I was thrilled when Jan Dworkin, my partner and main muse, asked if she could interview me about my artwork for this issue of the Journal of Process Oriented Psychology, since the theme of Spirit and Essence accurately expresses the qualities I have been seeking to unite in my artwork. Jan has known me for seventeen years and I remember showing her some of my spontaneous drawings back in 1984 when we first became friends. At that time, I felt that Jan could connect with and relate to my work on a deep level, even though the images coming out of my unconscious were both surreal and disturbing. Her ability to affirm me as an artist has been crucial in my development. She is a painter, which means she can not only appreciate my work, but also challenge me in constructive ways. Jan is also an artist with words and I appreciate her help in creating this structure for me to express my experiences. This was indeed, a creative collaboration. Read more ›

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September 8, 2013

Art Project

Water color painting is a delight of color and flow. These are done with the intention of having fun and playing with color and form.
I saw this figure in an earlier painting. It was a hint of arms reaching down to the ground. Some people see someone down needing to come up while others see reverence and inner attention.

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May 7, 2013

Performance on depression

Performance is a way of exploring layers of experience that are not obvious to your everyday mind. The everyday mind is the tendency to focus on the rational understanding of ourselves and the world around us. That which can be explained in the Taoist tradition is the Tao that can be said, experience that can be talked about. The same realm as the everyday mind. The realm of mysterious and inexplicable experiences needs a home. Art and performance opens a space for both known and unknown experience to come together. Read more ›

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