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September 13, 2021

The Art of Processwork: Live Supervision with Kate Jobe

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Get blown into new awareness


September 13 and 27

October 11 and 25

November 8 and 22

December 6 and 13

In this bi-monthly online live supervision class you will deepen your skills of a technical element of Processwork each week. This Fall/Winter you will be getting to know more about finding process in language. We will focus on  movement and body experience as a way to get out of stuck places. In addition I will offer concentrated focus on edges. First we will study how to identify them. Then we will collect skills for exploring and deepening your work by helping your client get the juice from edge work. We will continue to work with sentient experience, phases of conflict and signal work. This class is designed to help prepare you for final exams in Processwork. For students of Processwork, or by permission.

Winter/Spring classes: Bi-monthly: 13 September through 13 December, 2021

Language: English

For those living in Switzerland and Germany:

Take less than 8 classes = CHF80 per class

Come to 8 or more classes and pay CHF60 per class

For those living in other countries please contact Kate by filling out the form below or emailing her.


For more information or to apply, please fill out the form below.

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