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September 8, 2013

Knowing through your body in supervision

Tuesday evening is the beginning of my class, “knowing through your body in supervision”. It runs for 4 weeks. I’m thrilled to be doing this course after using Action Theater, a form of physical theater improvisation, in the Hogwarts by the Sea workshop in poland this summer. It proved to be a very effective way for students to experience connection, following people, joining them in non-content driven events where communication was deep and rich. We even gained insight into the gifts of our high rank to make it truly real to us.

This class is a continuation of work developed over the last 20 years using movement work as a way to explore our deepest self and bringing that into therapy.

What separates us from our innate wisdom?

Consider one situation where your body, spirit, and mind are insuperable, yet, they sometimes get in the way of each other. For example you feel you should do something yet your gut says no. The inner and outer pressures create an uncomfortable situation.

Consider another situation whereupon don’t know what to do, you can’t work out what’s going on. This is often accompanied with a mood or sense of paralysis or even hopelessness. These moods and feelings are the root of a solution to the problem. And there are many more situations where we lose access to our whole and deep selves. Being able to have contact with this in challenging situations, as we all know, is a powerful deepening to any therapeutic work.

This supervision class focuses on the role of the body in guiding you in your work as a therapist. You will be invited to try a range of experiences to bring you closer to the wisdom in your body then use that in working with someone. We will experience changes in body states, unfolding moods and fears with movement and sound, tapping creativity by “looking away” from the problem and discovering non-linear perspectives.

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