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October 7, 2013

Movers come on Wednesday

Our move to Switzerland continues to develop. We have all of our permissions from the Swiss government. This step makes it possible to rent an apartment and get our belongings into the country. The movers are coming tomorrow to get our stuff.

We are sending stuff from Joe’s workshop and from our home. We haven’t created a new home for 23 years. I’m looking forward to a new space, a new atmosphere and to see our “stuff” in a new light.  Our house is on the market and we are in countdown mode, roughly 2 weeks to lift off as Joe says. I’m liking our house a lot more without all the stuff in it.

It’s a great space in a magical forest. When we moved in there was a wall of green around the house. As we lived there we hacked down the blackberry vines that were growing up into the trees. We created a wonderful garden that reminded me of an Italian garden with loads of tomatoes every year. Over the years it seems that the trees have grown up above the garden creating more and more shade. It’s hard to believe that the tress could grow so much.

Slowly we are dismantling our lives here getting ready to rebuild in a new place. Clearing out, throwing away, keeping the treasures or useless stuff that I don’t have the heart to get rid of. How much of my identity is invested in this aspect of life?