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July 16, 2014

Power Transformed


Chernobyl_Nuclear_Power_Plant SM

Chernobyl power plant today

One of humanities greatest troubles and mysteries is power: who has it, who does not? One of the biggest difficulties I see in therapy is if you have it how do you use it? It is unusual for someone to identify with being powerful without the fear of abusing that power. This fear is problematic. It creates a denial of power that banishes it. It makes power inaccessible when needed. Most people have power. Think of someone you know who says they are weak but has the power to make you change your plans, even your life, without asking directly for what they want.

Power can show up in your relationships through conflicts, either implicit conflicts or explicit ones. It can show up in blocks and impedances to hoped-for outcomes in life. While working with physical symptoms I have seen a lot of power emerge. While this sounds unlikely read on and see how Andri transformed the power of his symptom into vitality and hope in life. Read more ›

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April 29, 2014

Worldwork 2014

Rank is earned and unearned. It comes from the situation you were born into, like being supported by parents, the country you were born into the economic situation and so on. Earned rank comes from things you have worked for: education, professional or personal accomplishments.
Rank is related to power.

There are different kinds of rank: Read more ›

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