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2001 Volume 8 (1)

ProcessWork in Action

Kate Jobe, The Five Blind Men and the Elephant: A Comment

Feature Articles

  1. Lane Arye, Difficult Contacts PDF
  2. Joy Gates, Following the River’s Way: An Interview with Arnold Mindell PDF
  3. Pierre Morin, Symptoms, Dreaming and Society: Process-oriented Symptom Work as a New Approach to Illness and Disease PDF
  4. Maurice Shaw, The Music that Dreamt me Today PDF
  5. Sylvia Camastral, Living with a Skin Disease: A Shamanic Journey PDF
  6. Gary Reiss, Families Coming Apart: A Process Approach to Divorce and Other Transitions PDF
  7. Alexandra Vissiliou, Don’t Forget to Come by for Coffee: Conflict Resolution Training with a Group of Muslim Women in Athens, Greece PDF
  8. Andrea Courvoisier, Mother, What Killed You? Transcending Tragedy through a Process-oriented View of “Mental Illness” and Body Symptoms PDF

Research / Art Work

Index of The Journal of Process Oriented Psychology