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2001 Volume 8 (2)

Spirit and Essence


Joe Goodbread, Editorial: When Words (nearly) Fail Us PDF

Feature Articles

  1. Arny Mindell, How Elephants Rock “n” Roler or the Grand Picture in the Little Things PDF
  2. Sara Halprin, So Much Depends on a Red Hook, The Essence of Writing PDF
  3. Lee Spark Jones, Not Knowing, Ancient Mystical Approach, Postmodern Psychotherapeutic Practice PDF
  4. Jan Dworkin, The Hollow Bone, An Interview with Robert King PDF
  5. Pierre Morin, Asclepius’ Rod: An Overview of the Struggle between the Sacred and the Profane in Medicine PDF
  6. Lily Vassiliou, Mauthausen: A Journey into History Then and Now PDF
  7. George Mecouch, A Night in Jung’s Alembic PDF
  8. Arny and Amy Mindell, How to Build a Taoist Temple PDF
  9. Julie Diamond, A Democracy Dialogue: Getting to the Essence of Freedom PDF
  10. Rhea Shapiro, Noticing the Spirits in Everyday Life: Process Work as Spiritual Practice and Antidote for Mild Chronic Depression PDF
  11. Gary Reiss, Shamanism, Process Work, and Extreme States PDF

Research / Art Work

Index of The Journal of Process Oriented Psychology